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We can also support the following modifications within our engine ECU remap software.

Customer Cars

Here is a small selection of the car's we've remapped recently.

Mercedes C63 AMG Coupe - Engine & Gearbox Remap
Mercedes C63 AMG engine and gearbox ecu remap Stock: 457BHP, 600Nm Torque
Remapped: 524BHP, 650Nm Torque

Strong performance gains to be had from the C63 AMG when the Engine ECU tune is combined with a gearbox TCU tune. Huge improvements to throttle response, mid range torque and faster gear shift speeds too.

Audi RS6 C5 4.2 V8 - Engine & Gearbox Remap
Audi RS6 C5 Engine & Gearbox Remap Stock: 450BHP, 580Nm Torque
Remapped: 520BHP, 655Nm Torque

This Audi RS6 C5 4.2 V8 has had our engine remap and gearbox remap software installed giving decent power gains along with much faster gear shifts from the automatic gearbox.
Read more about our Audi RS6 Remapping

Audi A3 2.0TFSI Quattro - Performance Remap
Audi A3 2.0TFSI Quattro ecu remap Stock: 200BHP, 280Nm Torque
Remapped: 260BHP, 380Nm Torque

Always fantastic gains on these 2.0T VAG engines and with Quattro all wheel drive this one becomes a serious road rocket. Big power gains combined with a wider power band and sharper throttle response completely transform this car.

Audi A3 2.0 TDI 170BHP Sline - Performance Remap
Audi A3 2.0TFSI Quattro ecu remap Stock: 170BHP, 350Nm Torque
Remapped: 210BHP, 430Nm Torque

Here we have a '56 plate Audi A3 2.0 TDI 170bhp having just had its remap installed. Unusually for Audi these have a Siemens ECU fitted instead of a Bosch Audi are known for. Great gains of 40hp and 80Nm here. We've just been for a test drive and as expected it drives like a totally different car.

BMW 118d Hatchback - Performance Remap
BMW 118d Hatchback ecu remap tuning Stock: 140BHP, 300Nm Torque
Remapped: 180BHP, 380Nm Torque

Another BMW 1 series remapped today. This ones a 118d.. a popular choice with gains of 40bhp and 80Nm torque on offer. This along with improved throttle response and a significantly wider power band makes a 118d drive better than a standard 120d at a huge cost saving on the purchase price!

Freelander 2 2.2 SD4 - Performance Remap
Freelander 2 2.2 SD4 remap ecu tuning Stock: 190BHP, 420Nm Torque
Remapped: 235BHP, 500Nm Torque

This Freelander SD4 owner came to us complaining of turbo lag. Not a problem, the ECU was removed (the SD4 ECU cannot be flashed via the OBD socket unlike the older TD4) and a JR Tuning remap installed. Now the vehicle is strong throughout the rev range with minimal turbo lag. Read more

Chrysler 300C V6 CRD - Performance Remap
Chrysler 300C V6 CRD ECU remapping Stock: 215BHP, 510Nm Torque
Remapped: 257BHP, 600Nm Torque

This customer tows a very large caravan and while the 300C made a good tow car we knew it could be better. He also complained about the cars throttle response, something else we can massively improve with a remap! Another 42bhp and 90Nm torque also helps things along nicely.

BMW 118d Coupe - Performance Remap
BMW 118d tricore ecu remap in kent Stock: 140BHP, 300Nm Torque
Remapped: 180BHP, 380Nm Torque

Here's a very smart 2012 BMW 118d Coupe in for performance tuning today. Not all tuners can map these being tri-core ECU's they need to be tuned on the bench. Not a problem for us, nice performance gains and better fuel economy too.

BMW 120d - Performance Remap
BMW 120d Remapping Stock: 174BHP, 350Nm Torque
Remapped: 214BHP, 430Nm Torque

BMW 120d tuning today for '0260 Cars' in Crowborough. Great cars these and 0260 seem to sell them like hot-cakes! This ones now even more special boasting an additional 40bhp and 80Nm torque, huge mid range pulling power and sharper throttle response.

BMW 335d - Performance Remap
BMW 335d ecu engine remap Stock: 280BHP, 580Nm Torque
Remapped: 340BHP, 700Nm Torque

Another BMW 335d remapped. +60bhp and +120Nm now boasting 340bhp and 700Nm torque! These are seriously quick cars once tuned. This one was sporting a particularly nice body kit, 20 inch wheels, lowering springs and quad stainless exhaust pipes...