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Remapping - Additional Services & Features

Remapping is not limited to performance gains. We can account for many modifications. Please note depending on your country and local laws not all additional modifications may be legal for road use.

EGR Delete Software
EGR valves, otherwise known as Exhaust Gas Recirculation valves, recycle a percentage of exhaust gasses back into the 'clean' intake side of the engine. The purpose behind this is to reduce NOx emissions from the engine. It does this by by lowering the amount of oxygen in the combustion chamber by replacing it with already burnt gasses which take no further part in combustion. Unfortunately the downside to this is sooty and sometimes oily exhaust gasses are being pumped back into the clean intake side. This can often cause a sludge to build up, blocking the intake path and reducing performance. Our EGR delete software allows you to remove the EGR valve, stopping the flow of exhaust gasses to the clean intake, without the vehicle putting on a check-engine or engine management light or operating in limp mode.

DPF Removal Software
The DPF filter (Diesel Particle filter) fitted to most modern diesel engines is a filter in the vehicle exhaust system which catches the soot emissions. You'll often notice a DPF fitted car has clean tail pipes and emits no visible smoke under hard acceleration. The DPF filter is designed to self regenerate, going into a 'regeneration' or cleaning mode when the vehicle is hot. Unfortunately many short or low speed trips often stop a vehicle going into DPF regeneration mode causing the filter to block. A DPF removal remap disables all functions of the DPF filter within the ECU, allowing the filter to be removed without any limp-home modes or check engine lights. We would however advise customers check local vehicle testing laws in their country before deciding to remove the DPF, as it may cause the vehicle to fail emissions testing.

AdBlue Removal Remap
AdBlue is another system to reduce NOx emissions on vehicles. The AdBlue solution is carried in a separate tank to the vehicles fuel and is sprayed into the exhaust system upstream of an SCR catalyst filter. Whilst this method of emissions control is highly effective, the vehicle owner has to refill the AdBlue tank which can become expensive. Additionally most vehicles will only permit the driver to travel a limited range with the AdBlue tank empty before the ECU disables starting the vehicle. This is to force refilling of the AdBlue tank. AdBlue removal remapping disables the AdBlue features within the ECU, to stop this happening and therefor reduces costs. Read More

Speed Limiter Removal
The vast majority of vehicles, particularly high performance german cars come from factory with a 155mph top speed limiter. Our speed limiter removal software allows the vehicle to reach its top speed. This feature is also available for commercial applications where vehicles have been limited to 50-60-70mph for example.

Intake FLAPS Removal
Intake manifold FLAP failures are common on VAG group cars, and expensive to replace. We can remove the operation of the intake flaps during a remap, to allow these to be removed without causing fault codes or engine management lights.

IMMO (Immobiliser) delete
IMMO delete removes the immobiliser functions from the Engine ECU, allowing the vehicle to be started without the correct IMMO code or transponder. This is particularly useful for racing applications or engine swaps, for example a modern VAG 1.8T or 2.0 TFSI fitted to a Mk2 Golf.

Individual DTC Delete
Sometimes customer modifications fall outside of our pre-defined additional services and particularly complicated modifications can cause specific fault codes to be thrown by the Engine ECU. We can remove individual DTC trouble codes from a wide variety of Engine ECU's to stop the codes being thrown.

Launch Control Enable
We are able to setup Launch control on a variety of Engine ECU's and Gearbox TCU's including VAG EDC15P commonly used on the 1.9 PD TDI engines on VW group cars, along with Launch Control on some VAG DSG gearboxes and VAG TDI engines with the Siemens PPD1.x ECU. We also cover a small number of Ford and Renault ECU's for launch control too. Launch control enables a perfect getaway to really show off your performance tuning modifications. The revs are held at an optimised set point such as 2500rpm until you release the break peddle (auto boxes) or release the clutch (manual boxes) allowing for the perfect getaway.

Start Stop Disable
Some people simply don't like modern stop start systems which turn off the engine every-time they stop, but its becoming more and more common on new vehicles. Usually there is a button you can press to disable it, but this has to be pressed every-time you start the engine. With a stop-start disable remap the function is disabled permanently.

Lambda/O2 Delete
O2 Delete remaps are for customers who have fitted either sports-cats or de-cat pipes and are having trouble with the engine light being triggered due to emissions faults. By disabling these checks in the ECU map we can fix this problem.

MAF Delete (MAF to MAF switch)
A MAF removal remap allows the MAF sensor to be removed from the vehicle, and the vehicle runs using the MAP sensor instead. Whilst MAF deactivation is not recommended as it is an important sensor for maintaining AFR, sometimes on highly tuned cars the MAF reading hits the maximum value possible causing issues.

What is the law regarding removal of EGR, DPF, AdBlue and other emissions related devices?
The law varies from country to country and also depends on if the vehicle is to be used on the public road. Emissions removal software is generally intended to support motorsport applications. We suggest checking with your local authority before proceeding with the removal of any emissions related equipment from a vehicle. Additionally with correct and well written tuning software, good power gains are achievable from vehicles whilst still retaining factory emissions levels.

Need a solution to something else?

If you're looking for a software solution for a particular modification not listed, drop us an email and we'll do our very best to help.