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We can also support the following modifications within our engine ECU remap software.

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Gearbox TCU Remapping

If you're looking for even more from your vehicle fitted with an automatic transmission a gearbox TCU remap perfectly compliments our engine ECU remapping. We support a wide variety of automatic transmissions including traditional ZF6 and ZF8 torque converter automatics, DSG, Tiptronic, S-Tronic, and 7G-Tronic etc

Gearbox TCU remapping offers the following additional benefits over and above our engine ECU remapping:

  • Additional power and torque by relaxing the gearbox torque limiters.
  • Lightening quick gear shifts along with smoother gear shifting.
  • Faster reaction to tiptronic or paddle shift inputs (where fitted).
  • Improved low speed and off the line response through earlier torque convertor locking.
  • Increased fuel efficiency on some transmissions due to less power loss through the drivetrain.

    Why don't the manufacturers do this?
    The simple answer is they do! Mass production means cheaper build costs for manufacturers. By building the same gearbox numerous times, and setting it up differently in software they can build one piece of hardware and use it in multiple models or variants within their range. If we look at the DSG gearbox used by VW/Audi the shift patterns and shift speed permitted through the same physical gearbox is far higher in S and RS models than in the standard A models.

    Will remapping my gearbox increase fuel consumption?
    Not at all, quite the opposite in-fact. Quicker gear shifts and earlier transmission locking provide a more efficient gearbox. A higher percentage of the engine power makes it to the wheels earlier in the rev range and the engine is driving the wheels more of the time. The result of these efficiency changes is reduced fuel consumption.

    How can I get my gearbox remapped?
    Gearbox remapping is available by appointment at our workshop in Headcorn, Kent (TN27 9PB) as well as via our network of approved installers.