Remapping: Frequently Asked Questions

Below are the most common questions our customers ask. For anything else, please contact us.

Do you offer a mobile service?

Whilst we invite customers to visit our workshop we do offer mobile installation in some areas through a network of mobile installation agents. Please contact us to discuss your particular requirements and we will be happy to advise of the installation options available.

How long does it take to tune my car?

Most services can be carried out in between 1 and 3 hours depending on your requirements. Certain specialist services, or custom development work can take longer, as can certain vehicle types where ECU removal is required to carry out the installation.

Can the car be put back to standard?

Of course, and we offer this service free of charge if the vehicle is brought back to us. We'll be very surprised if that's what you want after taking control of your vehicle's performance. Additionally should you lose your tuning files due to dealer actions such as a software update we will be happy to re-install the map onto your car free of charge subject to our lifetime software warrenty. Full details of our money back guarantee and lifetime software warranty can be viewed HERE.

Will my fuel consumption go up after an upgrade?

No, in fact quite the opposite. Even on a performance tune, if you continue to drive the car in the same way as you did before the upgrade, your fuel consumption will probably improve. Of course if you have a track or race map installed on the car and you are driving the car under the conditions with which a motorsport map is intended you're likely to find increased fuel consumption.

Economy Engine ECU tuning can have a dramatic effect on fuel consumption, with considerable improvements being achieved along with huge money savings on fuel. When combined with economy gearbox TCU software, the fuel savings can be as great as 25% on some vehicles.

What is the law regarding removal of EGR, DPF, AdBlue and other emissions related devices?

The law varies from country to country and also depends on if the vehicle is to be used on the public road. Emissions removal software is generally intended to support motorsport applications. We suggest checking with your local authority before proceeding with the removal of any emissions related equipment from a vehicle. Additionally with correct and well written tuning software, good power gains are achievable from vehicles whilst still retaining factory emissions levels.

Are plug and play re-maps and files sold online any good?

There are a number of basic power upgrades available in a plug and play format or are downloadable from the web. Whilst some of these items can offer increases in power, they operate by merely adjusting a specified signal within the ECU by a set tolerance. For example, some are simply a resister in a box fooling your car into thinking its cold, and thus running rich. It's impossible to compare these inferior upgrades with a properly developed re-map which measures and adjusts hundreds of signals and data files within the ECU to provide a driver experience which is better than manufacturer software.

Running an engine without the correct air fuel ratio or fuel pressure too high can cause serious damage and as a result we advise that these generic files and unsupported devices for sale on the web should be avoided at all cost. We've seen too many customers come to us after a bad experience. We're always happy to advise on your tuning needs.

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