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We can also support the following modifications within our engine ECU remap software.

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Economy Remapping

If you're looking to save money on fuel while still gaining sharper throttle response and reduced turbo lag along with additional power and torque then an economy engine remap is the product for you!

JR Tuning economy remap software is developed to work on a standard vehicle maintaining manufacturer levels of reliability and original service intervals. Our economy remap software is developed in-house by our technical team and can be tailored to meet your exact requirements. We don't use off the shelf remapping software.

Who is economy remapping for?

Our economy remapping software gives real-world fuel saving results and is used by individuals, small business and large fleets. Whilst manufacturers have to write ECU maps to cover all possible vehicle usage conditions, our economy remapping software can be tailored to your exact requirements. Commercial vehicles with light loads, vans with heavy loads, high speed or low speed running. Let us optimise your ECU maps to provide maximum fuel efficiency for the workload of your vehicle.

An economy engine remap concentrates on making the following improvements to your vehicle:

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  • Reducing fuel consumption.
  • Increasing lower RPM power
  • Smoothing the torque curve
  • Sharpening throttle response
  • Reducing turbo lag
  • Widening the usable power band

  • Our technicians have developed a unique range of economy tuning services which can deliver the very best in fuel savings. They provide significant gains in fuel efficiency whilst improving the feel and drivability of the vehicle.

    Why doesn't the vehicle manufacturer already map for economy?

    Manufacturers are selling vehicles into many different markets around the world. Different emissions laws, grades of fuel, altitude and temperatures are just some of the reasons. A vehicle will be setup to work in all conditions, but not optimally in each individual environment. An engine strangled for emissions, tax or marketing reasons isn't as efficient as it could be. An economy remap tailors your vehicles software to your particular usage, market, climate and requirements to get the very best in efficiency.

    Will an economy remap still improve the way the vehicle drives?

    We have optimised our economy remap software to deliver the optimum economy while also providing a delightful increase in power and torque at the same time, making your remapped vehicle a pleasure to drive.

    The most important benefit you will see is the significant fuel cost savings from Economy Tuning. Fuel economy is dependant on driving style, however customers report between 10-25% fuel savings after an economy remap depending on vehicle usage. On high mileage vehicles or fleets, this covers the cost of economy remapping in a very short space of time.

    What guarantee's do you offer?

    We're so convinced you'll love the results we offer a 14 day no quibble money back guarantee, and lifetime software warrenty. If for any reason within 14 days you are not complete satisfied with your economy remap, we will return the car to standard no questions asked, and issue a full refund.

    Call us today on 01622 320217 to discuss your requirements or to make a booking.

    Want to go one further and switch between different stages of tune? Our switchable ECU remapping offers a handheld programmer able to switch between standard and multiple modified programmes.