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Audi RS6 Engine and Gearbox Remapping

Engine & Gearbox software development for the C5, C6 and C7 Audi RS6

Audi RS6 4.2 V8 BiTurbo C5 Remapping

We have performed extensive remap development work on the Audi RS6 C5 engine and gearbox ECUs. We offer two levels tune on the C5 RS6. The first gives gains of +50bhp and 75Nm torque along sharper throttle response and a generally more responsive drive, with much earlier pickup from low revs. This is achieved through careful adjustment of the torque and pressure limiters within the Audi RS6 C5 ECU software and provides exceptional results.

Our Stage 2 tuning for the Audi RS6 C5 adds in a remap of the gearbox software. Our TCU flash for the RS6 C5 is the result of 3 years development work and offers further mid-range torque gains, along with an improved shift pattern, faster reaction to paddle shift inputs and hugely quicker gear shifts.

Audi RS6 C6 5.0 V10 BiTurbo Remap

The Audi RS6 C6 has been the subject of two years development for us, so much so, we purchased one as a staff car! The Audi RS6 C6 is an incredibly complex setup, as a result the vehicle utilises a twin ECU setup (Bosch Master and Slave) as a single ECU is unable to provide enough processing capacity to deal with 10 cylinders, direct injection and twin turbocharging at a redline of 7000rpm.

We are worked extensively on our own Audi RS6 to provide what we honestly believe provides the very best combination of both drivability and performance. Firstly adjustments where made to throttle mapping to provide a more progressive and manageable throttle, particularly important if we are to gain huge power increases from remapping the RS6. In Audi factory form the throttle curve on the RS6 C6 can be described as lumpy at best, and additionally full throttle is only available when pressing the kick down switch. Our throttle mapping is much smoother and offers 100% throttle opening just above the kick down switch, allowing the driver to use 100% throttle in-gear when using the paddle shifters.

In additional to these drivability improvements, adjustment of the torque limiters, fuelling and pressure limiters allow us to make safe gains of 80bhp and 130Nm over factory numbers, whilst not introducing turbo lag and the 155mph speed limiter is also removed. Out of interest, every RS6 we have ever had in seems to have the 'optional' 174mph speed limiter installed in the ecu software, even where the owner hasn't purchased it. Nevertheless we removed this and headed over to Germany to achieve the magic 200mph!

Once the engine tune had been perfected we worked on our Audi RS6 gearbox remap. Adjustment of the torque limiters in the RS6 gearbox allows much earlier delivery of power in the rev range (you can now really feel a huge wave of power from 1750rpm onwards), higher peak torque levels and much much faster gear shifting, so quick, we've honestly had people ask if a DSG box has been fitted to our RS6!

Audi RS6 C7 4.0 V8 BiTurbo Remap

Having had a C6 RS6 for 3 years, we finally replaced it with a new C7 Audi RS6 in order to develop a unique set of remapping products for the C7 Audi RS6 with the 4.0 V8 Bi-Turbo engine. You can follow our Audi RS6 C7 blog here:here.

If you are interested in remapping your Audi RS6 or just want a friendly chat about your options, do give us a call on 01622 320217 or email info@jrtuning.co.uk

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